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Red Dito

Red Dito is a French painter born in 1971.
After many years in the music and media industry, he approached image in 2000 through graphic design, photography, video clips, TV credits, advertising, then naturally turned to painting because he was passionate about art. contemporary since always. In search of absolute freedom and a need to express himself artistically, after having tried several styles, it is towards Free Figuration that he definitively turns to be in agreement with his need for freedom, that stolen during all these years working for others in the shadows of studios and TV sets.

In his painting, no more codes, no more rules, everything is possible, visual references no longer exist, space and time are invented. He deconstructs then recomposes stories in his own way, sometimes his, sometimes yours.
Red Dito’s strength is to instantly send those who look at his works a positive vibration.

“I like my painting to do good to others as it does to me”

The glass half empty for Red Dito will not exist on his paintings. His universe will always transport you towards the positive, optimism, this is the strength of his creations.

He works more particularly in mixed media on large formats.

For several years, he has held galleries, exhibitions, art fairs, TV shows, sales at the Hôtel Drouot, performances and “Art Changes Your World” evenings, sponsored by other artists sensitive to his world.